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This Week

[Weekly Beacon] - WannaCry hits Medical Devices in US

With so many devices connected to the internet these days, it's no surprise that medical devices at US hospitals have been hit by the now-infamous WannaCry ransomware... Find out more about more about WannaCry and what you can do to protect your organization in this week's Beacon!

Past Weeks

[Weekly Beacon] - Third Party, Insider Access Rages Out of Control

Third-party access is a growing security threat for global organizations. Find out more about this and other security news in this week's Beacon!

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[Weekly Beacon] - Hackers use old Stuxnet-related bug to carry out attacks

It's not a new warning, but users and businesses need to tend to any out-of-date software that may still be running in their environments. The first <a href="

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[Weekly Beacon] - What makes a cyberattack?

This week there has been discussion about the restriction on what is oftentimes overheated rhetoric surrounding terms such as "cyberattack"; LastPass has continued to have flaws discovered by researchers over the past few weeks; lately,

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