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This Week

[Weekly Beacon] - Yahoo hacked again!

This week Yahoo has been hacked again and is quietly warning affected users about the attack; ransomware attacks are getting more unpredictable and destructive; there is discussion surrounding the idea of a Geneva Convention for cyberwar; and if you're struggling with undersized deployment servers in Splunk you should check out our latest blog post!

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Past Weeks

[Weekly Beacon] - The emergence of new global cybercriminal attack patterns

Be sure to check out our latest Splunk tutorial to learn how to onboard data in Splunk. Also, our slightly rant-y (yet still positive) "Confessions of a Consumer IoT Skeptic" blog series is worth taking a look at if you like a little tas

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[Weekly Beacon] - Many ransomware victims still pay to recover data

As the ransomware problem continues to rise researchers are seeing a pattern in the way attackers are leveraging new targets; discussion is still swirling around the security of connected devices, cars, and homes; it looks like the 2016

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[Weekly Beacon] - Peace Sign Selfies Could Give Hackers Your Fingerprints

This week we've created a blog-screencast tutorial series that may be of interest to Splunk developers looking to learn how to best utilize Custom Endpoints in Splunk, so make sure to check that out. Also, researchers are claiming they c

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