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This Week

[Weekly Beacon] - Yahoo and McDonald's, and Mirai, oh my!

This week there's more discussion surrounding the Yahoo hack, the compromise of McDonald's Twitter account, the game of whack-a-mole that's being played with the Mirai malware, and more!

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Past Weeks

[Weekly Beacon] - If the CIA can sidestep encryption, what makes you think cyberthieves can’t?

A lot has been going on this week after WikiLeaks published details making claims about CIA surveillance tools and tactics... Check out some of the articles to find out more! Also, if you're a Python person, make sure to take a look at B

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[Weekly Beacon] - Heartbleed-style classic buffer overrun blunder strikes in 2017

This week a Cloudflare bug sparked a security blunder for big-name websites; the Department of Energy doled out millions in effort to help protect U.S. electricity delivery systems from hackers; Yahoo's sale to Verizon has taken a huge h

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[Weekly Beacon] - Yahoo hacked again!

This week Yahoo has been hacked again and is quietly warning affected users about the attack; ransomware attacks are getting more unpredictable and destructive; there is discussion surrounding the idea of a Geneva Convention for cyberwar

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