[Weekly Beacon] - 2017 To Bring More Ransomware, IoT DDoS Attacks, And SCADA Incidents

This week there are a lot of 2017 predictions flying around... Make sure you read up about them to get your bearings and prepare for what lies ahead (and what's going on as we speak).

In case you missed this from the previous Beacon, we've given the sections some upgrades. Check 'em out:

  • HL Exclusives is going to feature the latest and greatest Hurricane Labs blogs and screencasts, upcoming events, and other exclusive info.
  • InfoSec Headlines will be highlighting the top news articles across the information security world.
  • Splunk> Stuff will feature helpful details about the ins and outs of Splunk, with a focus on security.
  • SOC Things will be peeking into areas that are relevant to a Security Operations Center (SOC) and what the analysts are keeping an eye out for.
  • Miscellaneous is going to be a mishmash of other IT security, tech, and whatever other articles our marketing person decides to put in there...

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