Here at Hurricane Labs we’re all about personalized services, proactive solutions, and value-driven results. We believe in focusing on doing what makes sense and having a high level of transparency across our company. As we embody the words below, we are able to highlight the most important elements of our brand, what we stand for, and from there are empowered to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.














Our mission is to provide the most sensible, best-fitting Security and Splunk solutions for each unique customer environment. We like to think that what sets us apart is our dedicated attitude toward helping our clients no matter what, along with the fact that we like to keep things real (or in fancier terms, having a “no black box” mentality). Our logo reflects the straightforward and no-nonsense spirit of our brand, just the way we like it.


We have purposefully built an openly creative and cooperative geek culture, with a unique blend of people and passions beyond the typical “security pro.” Our experiences and passion resonate through our brand internally, with our beloved clients, and across the infosec community. The “voice” we have with our brand welcomes challenges, isn’t afraid to ask questions, and embraces a continuous curiosity and flexibility that keeps us moving forward. Our “voice” is also a vehicle to further the conversation and enable our audience to connect and learn with us.


Our clients are the reason we’re here. We pride ourselves in the value we show our customers through knowing who they are, understanding their needs, and delivering the benefits. From the initial point of contact to the point of resolution, we provide our clients with an enhanced understanding of our approach. Through our brand, whether it’s with the Hurricane Labs logo, website information, educational (and opinionated) blogs and tutorials, we are able to increase our client’s awareness of the advantages they’re gaining from our services, and we’re able to increase their knowledge as well. Our clients appreciate and recognize the versatility, flexibility, and effectiveness of our brand that empowers them to achieve their goals.


Being open, honest, and understanding is our best policy for success. We want our clients to feel we’re in this process together and that they can be confident in our proven solutions. Our commitment to our performance goes beyond our services and this is evident across our brand and everything we do.

General Dos & Don'ts

The Hurricane Labs brand includes our logo, as well as all content, trademarks, words, phrases, symbols, designs, and other brand features associated with our company. We encourage and support other organizations and individuals that use and supplement our services; however, our brand identity and reputation must be protected.

Please follow the brand guidelines we have set out. This will make it easier for people to recognize references to Hurricane Labs and to protect our intellectual property. Below we have included a few general do’s and don’ts when it comes to acceptable use of our brand assets.

The Do’s:

  • Use our brand assets to refer to Hurricane Labs, or any of our offered services.
  • Write “Hurricane Labs” as two separate, capitalized words.
  • Comply with the following guidelines for acceptable terms of use.

The Don’ts:

  • Use Hurricane Labs brand assets in a way that suggests sponsorship, endorsement, or partnership with Hurricane Labs without the consent of Hurricane Labs, LLC.
  • Incorporate the brand assets into any other trademarks, logo, domain names, or other similar content.
  • Feature Hurricane Labs on materials associated with sexually explicit content, unlawful activity, or other materials that violate our outlined standards.


The Hurricane Labs brand includes words, symbols, phrases, designs and other distinctive features associated with Hurricane Labs and our services.

Logo Usage

Our logo embodies part of the spunky story that goes along with the way Hurricane Labs came to exist. It continues to represent the passion, commitment, and fun that goes along with what we do and should be utilized consistently as directed with our brand guidelines in order to foster brand awareness.

Main Logo

The full color version of the Hurricane Labs logo should be used as follows:

  • Only on a white background. If you are using the logo on any other background, use either the Storm Logo or White Monochrome Logo.

Lightning Logo

The white monochrome version of our logo should be used as follows:

  • Only on dark images or backgrounds.

Hurricane Labs Logo

Hurricane Labs Alternate Logo

Logo Positioning

For a clean and consistent appearance, there should be a minimum amount of padding/space left around the logo, as shown below, so it does not become crowded by other content.

Color Palette

Hurricane Labs Light Blue Hex Value: #028bb5
CMYK: 84,33,14,0

Hurricane Labs Dark Blue Hex Value: #054f7d
CMYK: 100,73,27,10

Hurricane Labs Light Green Hex Value: #61a845
CMYK: 68,10,100,1

Fonts & Typography

We should have one primary font selection to be used across all materials for brand and messaging consistency. Also, we should have one secondary font for accent purposes.




We have created these brand guidelines in order to have our logo, content, and trademarks available for you to use without having to negotiate legal agreements. If you have any questions about utilizing our brand visuals, please contact us at marketing@hurricanelabs.com with a brief summary and mockup of intended use.

Note: We may adjust these guidelines at any time and without any notice. The most recent version will always be posted on our website. You are responsible for following the most up-to-date standards.

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