Your organization is different.
We understand that.

We don’t attempt to manage or sell every SIEM and hope you’ll want to buy one.  Our specialized approach to Splunk and security allows us to focus on doing what’s best to defend your business.

Looking to increase visibility across your environment?

With our 24x7 Security Operations Center you will gain the visibility, intelligence, and response that will ensure the highest level of protection for your enterprise. We have knowledgeable security consultants and analysts to keep a close eye on your network and help you adapt to the constantly changing threat landscape. Our team is well-versed in the various threats, security best practices, mitigation techniques out there today. 

Take security beyond the level of a traditional SIEM by leveraging our SOC to best defend your business. Our comprehensive Managed Security Services include:

SIEM Consultation

Threat Hunting

Tier 1/2/3 Analysis

Threat Intelligence Integration

24/7 Incident Response

Alert Response

Hurricane Labs

What areas of security are you most concerned about?

Securing an entire network is a massive challenge, one that involves the mastery of many concepts and skills. Our team utilizes a goal-oriented approach to determine the most critical areas of your business, prioritize our efforts, and address your needs accordingly. A few of the security use cases we help defend against include:


Ransomware is a threat that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Now is the time to decrease the chance of becoming another ransomware statistic.


Phishing is one of the top cyberattack vectors hackers use to obtain critical data. We can help you avoid this by implementing security best practices.

Web Attacks

Cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks can wreak havoc on a vulnerable website. Proactive security will help keep your sensitive data safe.


“Malicious software” is designed to access or damage systems. Backups, updates, and other recommended actions will help you stay ahead.

Why is Hurricane Labs the best MSSP for your enterprise?

It’s time to alleviate the pressures that are taking away from your security goals. Handling challenges, such as resource restrictions, skill shortage, data theft, and more, require round-the-clock monitoring that teams are not equipped to handle.

Hurricane Labs provides your organization with a managed service that offers a high degree of visibility into your network. We enable security solutions for you using Splunk as a core technology. Whether your implementation is a SIEM, custom security searches, or a combination of both, we can enhance your service with the latest threat feeds. We’re here 24/7/365 with the resources, manpower, and expertise that will help protect your enterprise well beyond a check box.

We provide true security and business value.

Our approach aligns security technology-related decisions with your comprehensive business goals. We recognize the need to align initiatives, adapt accordingly, and increase the success for your unique environment.

Our custom-tailored and integrated solutions leverage your data and guide you towards an accurate understanding of your specific security and risk posture. With our security defense your organization will have the strength to protect your critical information infrastructure and the resiliency to adapt when the unexpected occurs.

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