When it comes to Phantom and Splunk operations today, experience counts.

For security teams lacking experienced manpower, it’s easy to focus on inefficient tasks. The Phantom and Splunk platforms integrate with your existing technologies to leverage the power of quick action and support cohesive SOC functions.

Ready to Advance Your Security Operations?

Splunk is truly about being the “nerve center” of security operations, in terms of the collection, storing, and analysis of data. Phantom, on the other hand, is the "connective tissue", in that it takes decisive action with the technologies and data across your environment. This dynamic duo provides a more cohesive and supercharged security system.

Through the combination of expertise and collaboration, Hurricane Labs helps you leverage Phantom and Splunk for repeatable use cases, smarter decisions, and meaningful results.

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Managed Phantom Services

Hurricane Phantom Splunk

Take Advantage of Phantom Managed Services from the Experts of Phantom and Splunk

The Hurricane Labs experts empower your enterprise by developing and executing real-time security operations with Phantom, as well as provide 24x7x365 incident response. Our goal is to help improve the capabilities of your SOC analysts and make sure you stay ahead of threats. It’s time to step away from the traditional approaches that are manual and time-consuming, and position your enterprise to be proactive and successful.

Platform Management

Platform Management

  • Software & health monitoring
  • Software patching & updates

Alert Response

Alert Response

  • 24x7x365 response to alerts
  • Level 1-3 security analysis

Playbook Execution

Playbook Execution

  • Execute playbook actions
  • Managed Phantom action process

Development & Integration

Development & Integration

  • Build custom playbooks
  • Integrate Phantom apps

Work Smarter, Respond Faster, & Strengthen Your Defenses

Talk to our team about how we can help you leverage Phantom today.

Our knowledge paired with the machine speed of Phantom and Splunk will empower your organization against cyber threats. Through task automation, reduced investigation and response times, and the orchestration of your entire infrastructure, efficiency and precision become your advantage.

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