Episode .02 – The Cyber Buzzwordy Breachy Wordpress Edition


. Listen in to this animated and informational discussion for the latest InfoSec Hacks and Headlines, Hot Topic Talk, and Tip of the Week.

Episode Synopsis - Oh, look! Spear phishing still works - even on the government. Could it happen again? Of course. People are always going to be clicking links and so on and so forth. Also, reminder number one million and three, patch your WordPress vulnerabilities. On another note, Bill is being cyber-stalked and Kelsey has been given an ISIS film festival research mission... Lastly, advice from Bill, don't be afraid of technology, be afraid of people.


Listen in as we discuss headlines, hacks, tech tips, Splunk stuff, and more! Don't miss out on our new episodes, featuring the clashing of swords and talk about the latest security topics.

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