Hurricane Labs Podcast for Splunk: Second Edition

Splunk Podcast Second Edition

Our big topic of discussion is Splunk Cloud – the good, the bad, and the ugly; we also cover some of the interesting features of Enterprise Security 4.0, including some things about Tim’s favorite new feature; Cameron (CAMRON!) has *** Cameron’s “Rant Sesh” Section ***; Kelsey gets fired; and basically we have lots of opinions (as per usual) and a few REALLY amazing segues throughout our podcast. So, listen in to your hosts: Bill Mathews (@billford), Tim Baldwin, Cameron Schmidt, and Kelsey Clark (@unfoldmybrain), (if you dare…) for some authentic Splunk insights.


On the podcast Kelsey gives a quick review of the Hurricane Labs Cleveland and Pittsburgh Splunk> User Groups we hosted in February. We’re also looking to improve these events moving forward, so if you have any cool ideas that are more hands-on and interactive, or topics that will generally be advantageous to you as the user, feel free to reach out to Kelsey at


If you’re in any of these locations in March, April, and/or May, you will be graced with our presence at a few of the upcoming SplunkLive! events:

And, of course, check out Trevor Bammel’s latest Splunk-savvy blog post: Splunk Geostats: Because Where in the World Is It?