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Hurricane Labs is offering a unique opportunity to improve your organization’s capabilities with Splunk. We can take your specific business interests and build a custom app that will enable you to leverage more of your data.

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Address your security challenges by turning unstructured data into real-time insights with Hurricane Labs custom-built Splunk apps for your business.

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Running into questions like: “What the heck does this do?” or “How do I actually use this?” We’re still here to help, even after you take ownership of your new app.

Our consultation service offers the support you need to fully leverage your app. You have a product that you want to integrate with Splunk, we have a way to help and we want you to be able to utilize it to its full extent.

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The value of digging into your machine data is limitless. Now is the time for you to leverage the rich, real-time functionality of the Splunk platform and get the operational intelligence your enterprise needs. Our developers can build custom-created apps specifically for your organization that will advance your Splunk functionality, increase/magnify your insights, and enhance the optimization of your data.

You know better than anyone that your unique operational environment is highly complex. Keeping up with all the machine data flying around across the wide span of your business processes is virtually impossible without the proper tools, knowledge, and resources. Your customized Splunk app will deliver a rich, flexible solution that simplifies and supports your operational IT infrastructure/diverse IT landscape.

Sometimes you need a technology-specific system in your infrastructure that brings compliance and integration into Splunk. In order to successfully do this, you need an in-depth understanding of how Splunk works and how to build a properly configured app to make Splunk talk the way you want it to. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Careful strategic planning will help you achieve successful application deployment - we can take over the logic and build processes that can be quite in-depth and time-consuming.

Manually collecting and correlating data across multiple infrastructure areas in the face of threats, majorly affects an organization’s response-time and other essential operational aspects (including cost). Splunk can improve organizational agility and improve mitigation impact in minutes instead of hours. Eliminate the intensive manual work and start solving security problems quickly with our Splunk apps today.

Let’s talk about extending Splunk to meet your specific needs.

Resource management and complex use cases are both important areas of your environment that you should have control over. We can help enhance your Splunk platform with apps and add-ons that will provide the rich functionality you’ve been looking for.