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Splunk development can be a major challenge for teams trying to achieve business-specific goals. Hurricane Labs can build a custom app to help you leverage your data and empower your environment. We are proudly featured on Splunkbase where you can access some of the apps and add-ons we’ve created for you.

Our Featured Splunk Apps

Hurricane Labs develops apps that provide your team with rich functionality and platform extension that make it easier to integrate with other vendors or technologies. Our custom-created apps and add-ons will optimize your experience and deliver wide-ranging business value.

Looking To Integrate More Into Your Splunk?

Hurricane Labs is here to help you with your specific use cases. Our custom Splunk solutions empower enterprises in the areas of infrastructure and IT operations, application delivery, security and compliance, business analytics, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial data. If you’re looking to get more out of your data, or have a product you want to see integrated with Splunk, our custom-built apps will benefit you.

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Our specialized development team is here to use our knowledge to improve your Splunk instance and help you achieve your goals. From the initial discussion to the time you take ownership of the app, we provide support for you to get the most out of it. If you’re running into questions like: “What the heck does this do?” or “How do I actually use this?” we’re here to help.

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How Can Splunk Apps Benefit You?

The value of digging into your machine data is limitless. Now is the time to listen to your data and leverage the rich, real-time functionality of the Splunk platform. Our developers can create custom apps that will advance your power with Splunk.

Your operational environment is highly complex. Without the proper tools, knowledge, and resources to keep up, having control over all the machine data zooming around your network is a massive challenge. Your customized app will deliver a flexible solution that simplifies and supports your diverse IT landscape.

To successfully include a tech-specific piece to your Splunk instance, it’s necessary to have an extensive understanding of how Splunk works and know how to build a properly configured app. We take over the strategic planning, logic, and build processes so your team can save time and achieve successful app deployment.

Manually collecting and correlating various data sources, especially in the face of threats, can impact response time and operational costs. Let’s work together to eliminate the manual work and start solving issues quickly. With our Splunk Enterprise Security and app experience, we can improve your security agility.

Safeguard Your Business With Real-Time Security Solutions

Our experts can help you streamline your security operations by molding Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) to fit your environment. Splunk ES is a robust SIEM that empowers your team with analytics-driven security and real-time monitoring. Whether deployed for the rapid triage, prioritization, and response capabilities of a security operations center (SOC), or for executives requiring a comprehensive view of where your business stands in terms of risk, we can ensure Splunk ES will deliver the flexibility and contextual insight to fit your specific needs.

Hurricane Labs can minimize your risk and enhance your ability to respond to emerging threats. We can help you overcome the challenges of a nonexistent or legacy SIEM, real-time monitoring efforts, proactive response, dynamic investigations, and ensuring Splunk ES can be easily deployed in your environment (whether it’s on-premise, as a cloud service, and more).

Let’s talk about extending Splunk to meet your specific needs.

Resource management and complex use cases are both important areas of your environment that you should have control over. We can help enhance your Splunk platform with apps and add-ons that will provide the rich functionality you’ve been looking for.

Check Out Our Nest App for Splunk

Our Nest App for Splunk helps you easily collect and monitor data from your Nest home devices. From Nest Learning Thermostats to the Nest Protect, this clean and simple app actively helps you understand your Nest data using the power of Splunk.

Add-on for Splunk
& Nest Thermostat

The Nest Add-on for Splunk looks historically at your Thermostat data to create useful insights.

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