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Your “Appliance In The Sky" Solution

Are you an enterprise that has adopted Amazon Web Services and is looking for a streamlined solution with Splunk? Hurricane Labs combines Splunk and AWS to deliver the benefits of a fully managed solution in the cloud.


Hurricane Labs does top-to-bottom Splunk Enterprise in Amazon Web Services (AWS). We handle all tasks associated with license and management console purchasing, templatizing for easy deployment, and building Splunk for you. Our fully managed service simplifies the process, making it easy for your team to focus on what you want to get out of Splunk.

By choosing to self-deploy Splunk software and leveraging the expertise of our team, you will gain enhanced operational intelligence and insights across your hybrid environment. Are you ready to get cloudified with Hurricane Labs?

AWS & Splunk

Operational Intelligence For All Use Cases

No matter your use case, Hurricane Labs will enable you to see value from the data you put into Splunk. We can integrate premium Splunk apps, such as Enterprise Security and ITSI, so they’re tailored to your deployment. Ultimately, AWS provides a platform to build “stuff.” The “stuff” we’re building is Splunk so you don’t have to worry about it.

Wondering what the best options are for your environment and requirements? Give us a call and we'll be happy to help!


Advantages Of Our AWS + Splunk Solution

Dealing with one trusted provider allows your team to have a more centralized focus with less hassle. Hurricane Labs empowers your team with rapid deployment of Splunk Enterprise on AWS Cloud so you can quickly take advantage of this rich and robust infrastructure.

Splunk Enterprise on AWS - Hurricane Labs

Purpose-Built Framework

Leverage AWS agility and Splunk end-to-end visibility for enhanced operational intelligence, valuable insights, and quick response to ever-changing business needs.

Turnkey Splunk Architecture

We remove the worry of hard drives, memory, and expansion. With this rich platform you will gain valuable results from ingesting, analyzing, and visualizing your data.

Continuous Scalability

As your environment matures and new use cases are added, resources can be scaled up and down to handle critical workloads and to reflect the reality of your usage.

Centralized Control

You maintain complete control over your virtual networking environment. Our approach ensures your team has complete visibility and the ability to focus on what’s important.

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