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Maximize the Value of Splunk

Hurricane Labs helps enterprises power greater results by optimizing Splunk. As an official Splunk partner, we offer a full suite of Splunk Professional Services, Management, and Security offerings.

We strive to help your team see value in your Splunk investment and make the deepest impact possible across your business.

How can our Professional Services Help You?

Our team has experience working with deployments of all sizes and across a variety of use cases. We can help you improve any Splunk scenario or instance, including Security, Fraud, and Compliance, IT Operations, IoT and Industrial Data, Utilities, Business Analytics, DevOps, and others.

Hurricane Labs Consultative Approach: Expert Guidance Where You Need It

We’ve assembled an outstanding team of highly skilled personnel to help you align people and processes that work best for your environment.

Through team collaboration, you will be able to leverage the expert knowledge of our Splunk Certified Consultants and Architects.

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What Splunk use case do you want to improve?

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We strive to drive feature innovation and deliver tailored solutions. The services we provide include the following:

Health Checks

Time to dive in and take a look at what’s really going on. We’ll check the health of your Splunk instance, clean up irrelevant data, build out searches, streamline processes, and provide visibility into your environment.

Installation Services

Have the bandwidth to successfully implement Splunk? Let our experienced Splunk architects and engineers do the heavy lifting to ensure a seamless setup and integration into your environment.

Architecture Design

Your Splunk design should accommodate your current and future needs. Our architects will deliver optimized Splunk architecture that addresses your immediate goals, but also takes into account the growth of your business.

Upgrade Services

Are you hesitant to upgrade Splunk? Our experts will help you plan, deploy, and validate updates to your existing Splunk environment so you can leverage all the latest improvements.

Best Practices

Let’s get you on the path to success with Splunk. Once you’re familiar with Splunk best practices, you’ll be able to use the features and increase productivity to gain what you really need from Splunk.

ES Deployment

Our team will analyze your security requirements in order to design a deployment plan to fit your needs. We will ensure Splunk is appropriately configured to follow through with the best plan of action.


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