Announcement: Hurricane Labs Now Offering Phantom Managed Services

Through the combination of expertise and collaboration, Hurricane Labs helps your enterprise customers leverage Phantom and Splunk for repeatable use cases, smarter decisions, and more meaningful results. We focus on integrating existing technologies to improve the cohesive capabilities of SOC analysts and real-time security operations.

When Should You Involve Hurricane Labs?

When your customer needs:

Managed Enterprise Security

Optimizing Splunk Enterprise Security to safeguard businesses from internal and external attacks.

Managed Splunk

Supporting the necessary areas to fully empower customer teams and maturing unique Splunk environments.

Manpower and Resources

Supplementing customer teams and utilizing our expertise to figure out how to deploy Splunk most effectively.

Stalled Splunk Assistance

Avoiding time and resource waste by maintaining customer Splunk environments and ensuring things are up and running.

Managed ITSI

Providing extensive visibility into key IT performance indicators to solve challenges and enhance business.

Search and Dashboard Capabilities

Creating the appropriate searches and visualizations so customers will be able to get the most out of their data.

Partnering With Hurricane Labs

Partnering with Hurricane Labs means our team is here to help accelerate your sales velocity and further your customers’ success. We want to arm you with the appropriate knowledge and tools to help you understand what it is we offer, strategic vehicles to drive growth, and the best ways to expedite sales.

Hurricane Labs Service Offerings

Hurricane Labs is 100% Splunk-focused. Splunk is all we do and we’re really good at it.

Your customers will gain the advantage of working with a company whose sole purpose is to create Splunk and security solutions for any use case.

Managed Splunk

Our Managed Splunk offering will help enterprise customers get the most out of their data. No matter what the use case, our specialized teams provide focused solutions in the areas of Splunk administration, continuous health monitoring, upgrades and enhancements, search and alert creation, and custom dashboard development.

Managed Security

Hurricane Labs provides analytics-driven protection through the combination of Managed Splunk and our dedicated Security Operations Center. Our expert security analysts help enterprise teams enhance their Splunk Core and Enterprise Security. We handle 24x7 incident response, Tier 1 and Tier 2 security, SIEM efforts, use case development, and threat intelligence. Service add-on options include user behavior analytics and threat hunting.

Accelerate Your Splunk Sales With Us

Have an opportunity that could benefit from Hurricane Labs involvement? Our team is ready to help your enterprise customers get the most out of Splunk.

Let’s get the conversation going about our partnership and sales growth strategies today!

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Additional Service Enhancement Options

Professional Services

Our Splunk Professional Services empower teams with expert guidance where they need it most. We optimize Splunk by providing intricate architecture design and installation services, health checks and upgrades, and Enterprise Security deployment assistance.

Threat Detection

Our advanced detection services increase visibility and proactive action. Security postures benefit from custom signature development, threat detection sensors, threat intelligence integration, Splunk advancement, and 24x7 intrusion alert monitoring.

Vulnerability Management

Our team helps manage risks by correlating vulnerabilities for proactive reinforcement. Enterprises gain visibility from real-world attack simulations, including penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, vulnerability alerting, and remediation services.

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