Get the Threat Feed You Want on Your Radar.

Collaboration is key to better security monitoring and detection capabilities. This is why Hurricane Labs is sharing our collection of threats and malware, so you can easily leverage the value of threat intelligence.

Faster Threat Detection and Response

The Hurricane Labs Threat Feed strives to solve two major issues common among threat lists - noise and update frequency. With our Threat Feed Service, we provide a more curated and frequently updated list to help enhance your awareness of new and emerging threats. Some of the benefits include:

Threat Intelligence

Using data to understand your adversaries in a broad, contextual scope to best protect your business.

Indicators of Compromise

Observing key artifacts or actions to more quickly detect potentially harmful intrusions on your systems.

Known Command & Control Systems

Analyzing the influence an attacker has over compromised systems to disrupt or prevent malicious activity.

The Hurricane Labs + Splunk Advantage

The Hurricane Labs Threat Feed combined with the power of Splunk, via the Hurricane Labs Threat Intelligence Feed app, will enhance the analytics and monitoring capabilities of Splunk Enterprise Security (ES). These insights will help your team quickly detect and respond to security-relevant threats.

Our customers are already seeing the benefits of our Threat Feed using Hurricane Labs as their trusted managed security services provider. Even if you aren’t taking advantage of our managed services, we still want you to leverage our detection and research capabilities.

Threat intelligence

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