Who We Are

Let’s just say, we don’t exactly fit the mold. Our mixture distinguishes us because we’re not necessarily looking for CISSPs with 35 years of experience. We have a unique blend of people with passions beyond the typical “security pro.” Some of us have been network administrators, others web developers, and there are also those who have joined us without any technical background at all. What brings us together is the fact that we welcome challenges, enjoy learning, and appreciate being a part of the infosec community.

What a bunch of nerds

The Tale of Hurricane Labs

Not many people can quit their job, be unemployed over lunch, and launch their own business all in one day. But sometimes neat things happen.

On December 19, 2003, Bill Mathews, Chief Technology Officer and owner of Hurricane Labs LLC, along with longtime colleague and now Managing Partner, Glenn Brzuziewski, left two now-defunct IT service companies (that they jokingly refer to as “they who shall not be named” No. 1 and No. 2) and founded Hurricane Labs.

The ‘aha’ moment was when Bill and Glenn decided they were no longer interested in working for companies that didn’t treat their customers with respect and were not providing solutions suitable for diverse environments. Their experiences set in motion the ambition to offer an alternative to the typical “cyber security” approach.

Today Hurricane Labs strives to offer a more pure security offering than many other MSSPs. With our custom-created solutions and personalized customer service approach, we are able to empower businesses with Splunk and security success.

Get to know us better and keep in touch

Do you like people who keep things real and enjoy different perspectives? That’s us! We’re big fans of witty banter and debates that poke and prod at the latest infosec trends. Feel free to reach out to us with your thought-provoking questions, off-the-wall ideas, and more!

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