• Managed Splunk
    & Security Services
    For business-specific use case maturity.
    As your Managed Services Provider, our tailored solutions are purposefully designed to optimize your Splunk instance and advance your security operations.

    Your enterprise will benefit from custom Splunk use case development, the reinforcement of our dedicated Security Operations Center, and a flexible process that's built for the future.
Managed Security Services

Managed Security

Do you want Splunk to be the nerve center of your security operations? Hurricane Labs' SOC drives value around Splunk Enterprise Security. Our team works closely with yours to enhance your monitoring and incident response capabilities.


Managed Splunk Services

Managed Splunk

If you have Splunk, or are interested in Splunk, but you can't do what you want with it we're here to help. Hurricane Labs is purposefully 100% focused on Splunk, with full teams of Splunk experts that are focused on optimizing your Splunk instance.


Network Security

It's Time to Improve Your Organization's Security Maturity

Ransomware attacks, IoT vulnerabilities, and human error can have massive impacts on your business. Perhaps your security team is lacking in manpower, resources, or the expertise needed to defend your systems.

Now is the time to get proactive and take advantage of a dedicated 24x7x365 SOC that will empower you to make strategic security decisions across your network.

The goal of our security analysts is to advance your capabilities beyond those of a traditional SIEM. With the combined power of our skilled security professionals and Splunk ES on your side, you will experience major wins for your enterprise. Learn more about how you can benefit from our Managed Security Services.

Ransomware Protection | Free Ransomware Guides for Your Enterprise

Dig Into the Benefits of Splunk With Hurricane Labs

Enhanced Visibility
Enhanced Visbility

Enables you to achieve security intelligence and network visibility.

Data Authority
Data Authority

Provides a way to leverage your data, because we all know it won’t do it by itself.

Correlation Capabilities
Correlation Capabilities

Allows for easy integration and correlation with other security tools

Valuable Results
Powerful Investigation

Analyzes threats and network issues in order to continually improve your security program.

Powerful investigation
Real-Time Alerting

Generates alerts in real-time that are current and relevant to your environment.

Real Time
Valuable Results

Creates efficient and effective results to enhance your organizational data.

NSM and Intrusion Detection

Ready to become an IDS master? Your guide awaits.

Tony Robinson, Hurricane Labs Senior Security Operation Analyst, has created a guide on how to interpret IDS/IPS events. In this guide, Tony covers what network security monitoring is, what IDS and IPS is, how to interpret rules for Snort and Suricata, what the most popular IDS/IPS platforms are today, how to analyze IDS alerts, how to make judgements on the validity of an IDS/IPS alert, options for tuning and reducing noise, and more. He also provides some pre-built NSM-focused Linux distributions so you can experiment on your own. Ready to dive in? Download this free guide today. (No registration required, no hidden fees, no spam, none of that. Simply click the link and grab a copy).


Splunk Apps | Extend Your Splunk Capabilities Today


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