Careers at Hurricane Labs

Hurricane Labs has created a purposefully open, cooperative “geek” culture that empowers our employees to grow as individuals and also be a meaningful part of our team. Our oddball group of Splunk and security brainiacs are driven to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Employees & Empowerment

Our world is very fast-paced and challenging, but we eat technological challenges for breakfast every day. Two bits of advice for joining our team include:

1.  Don’t put yourself in a box
2.  Be willing to ask for help  

We also caution that jerks, haters of nerf guns, and those who aren’t fans of fully-stocked kitchens and coffee machines, need not apply. Being flexible, open to experiences, and willing to embrace both successes and failures, are all a part of what allow us to help make our client’s lives easier.

“As an employee, you are empowered to make your own decisions, work on projects that interest you, and learn as you go.”

Available Positions:

Check out our current job opportunities and find a position that fits your specific career interests today.

Teams & Career Development: What Inspires You?

Our flexible environment allows for continuous career development in a way that suits your interests. We don’t believe in staying in the same spot for too long. Across our security and Splunk-focused teams, we’re constantly adapting and tackling diverse challenges. Our team positions include:

Splunk Consultants & Architects

Splunk Consultants & Architects

Provide environment architectural and design guidance.

Splunk Administrators


Ensure healthy and optimally functioning Splunk environments.

Splunk Developers & Data Scientists

Splunk Developers & Data Scientists

Empower enterprise teams with data visualizations and results.

Security Operations Center Analysts

Enhance security use cases, alerts, and incident response.

“With our flat organizational structure, it’s easy to find the right person to answer your questions and help you learn.”

The Perks

Flexible atmosphere

On-the-job learning

Team collaboration

Open environment

Fully stocked fridge

Full benefits package

Culture & Core

Here at Hurricane Labs, we embrace a work style fueled by curiosity and a dynamic exchange of “best-idea-wins” discussions. 

We have the advantage of a horizontal (no-hovering) structure and our tight-knit group, which includes 60+ Splunkers, Security Analysts, Penetration Testers, Developers, System Administrators, Sales and Marketing folks, works together toward a common purpose every day.   

Interested in joining our team? Send us your resume and anything else you think we should know about you!

As a Managed Security Services Provider, our mission is to offer the best consultative service experience our clients can get. When our clients come to us with questions, we want them to feel confident they’re receiving thoughtful, purposeful feedback. 

It’s our priority to accommodate the needs of unique business environments by offering an alternative to the “one-size-fits-all” security approach. We are committed to providing an excellent service and sensible solutions to help enterprises of all sizes achieve their security goals.