Managed Splunk Services

Not getting the most out of Splunk? No matter your use case, we can help.

It can be frustrating when your team doesn’t have the time, staff, or resources to optimize the controls you’ve invested in. If you’re a fan of Splunk and want to make it work for you, now is the time to take action.

Our team can help you filter out the “noise”, increase your visibility, and prove your ROI with this powerful tool. No matter what your use case may be, we will accelerate your initiatives and improve your performance. It’s time to do Splunk your way and get the most out of your machine data.

Hurricane Labs is focused on your environment

Our solutions help you tell a story with your machine data.

We help your team listen to your data, expand your use cases, and support you in the necessary areas so you can use big data to your advantage. Our customized solutions increase the value of your results.

Many organizations and vendors struggle to leverage Splunk due to limited knowledge, or cross-training in other softwares, which doesn’t allow you to see the results you’re looking for.

Splunk is the only product we deploy and stand behind 100%.

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Managed Splunk

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Maximize your value with our Managed Splunk Services

No matter what your use case may be, we can help you succeed with Splunk. Our services are designed to focus on solutions that will integrate your untapped data and strengthen your Splunk posture. To ensure our service best accommodates your requirements, our various delivery models include on-premise, Splunk Cloud, and Amazon Web Services options.

Looking to purchase or grow your license? Our team is fully certified to sell Splunk license and provide Professional Services making it easy for you to use this scalable software. Whether you’re just getting started or business growth is driving the need to index more data, Splunk software license is scalable to meet your needs.

Splunk Consultation
  • - Professional Services
  • - Architecture Planning
  • - Splunk Health Check
Splunk Management
  • - Splunk Administration
  • - Upgrades/Enhancements
  • - Health Monitoring
  • - Splunk Troubleshooting
Splunk Search & Dashboard Development
  • - Splunk Search Expertise
  • - Custom Dashboard Development
  • - Advanced Query Creation

Further Your Splunk Knowledge Today

Are you looking to get a little more hands on with Splunk? Whether you're new to the software, or needing to refresh some of your skills, check out any of our valuable tutorials, how-tos, and other educational tools, to help with your Splunking!

Let's talk about your Splunk success today.

It's time to talk about what you can truly do with this powerful tool. Are you interested in putting success behind your efforts and increasing the value of your Splunk investment? We can make that happen and help make your team look good.

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