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We are a Managed Security Services Provider that specializes in Splunk. Our team is here to boost your enterprise abilities in Splunk and log management, security operations and SIEM support, and comprehensive visibility across your environment.

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Our Approach: Focused on goal-oriented solutions for your enterprise

When it comes to our services, we make sure to hone in on what's important to your business. Our approach takes into consideration the mentality that you can't secure something unless you understand it, which is why we work hard to understand the needs of your business. We strive to support your team in ways that make the most sense in order to further your Splunk and security success.

Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions

Our custom-tailored solutions leverage your data to strengthen your security posture.

Transparent Service

Transparent Service

You'll always maintain full access to your data and services.

Collaborative Model

Collaborative Model

We work closely with you to achieve your Splunk and security goals.

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Optimal solutions for diverse environments

Our sole purpose is to create Splunk and security solutions that are best-fitting for our client environments. We don’t have one or two people that know a little bit about Splunk and we’re also not cross-trained in other softwares. We have purposefully created a full company with an in-depth focus and high level of expertise in Splunk.

You will receive a level of customization to fit your unique requirements

Our on-premise delivery models ensure that your data remains with you

You maintain full access to your raw logs, Splunk UI, and reporting

Our experience provides your team with direct access to Splunk knowledge

Our 24x7 dedicated Security Operations Center works closely with your team

You will benefit from a proactive, meaningful approach to Splunk and security

Find out how you can leverage our dedicated Security Operations Center

If you’re looking for the most strategic way to increase visibility across your environment and reinforce your defenses, you’ve come to the right place. Our Security Consultants are ready to help you take your security to the next level.


Enhance your search, discovery, and reporting capabilities with Splunk

Let’s empower your team with Splunk. Our Managed Splunk Services will enhance and extend your capabilities with this centralized software. If you’re looking for some help with your environment and Splunk posture, we’re the ones you should be talking to.