Who We Are and What We're About

If you're looking for something different than the typical "one-size-fits-all" security mentality, you've come to the right place.

Value That Doesn’t Have A Disguise

Security is one of those funny things. Being a popular field, it attracts many types of people and personalities. The most common is that of the “snake oil” salesmen. You know the ones, they promise they have the very product that will solve your millions of problems (plenty of which you didn’t even know you had) - and then quickly disappear when their product fails. Hurricane Labs was initially founded upon recognizing (and avoiding) this type of characteristic, along with providing extensive knowledge on how to best lockdown networks without needlessly throwing money out of the window.

Passion Beyond The Typical “Security Professional”

We have a unique blend of people who all came to the security field in a variety of ways. Some were network administrators, some web developers, and others were without any technological background at all. The commonality we share is that all of us welcome the challenges and learning involved in information security. We’re not looking for CISSPs with a doctorate, 35 years of management experience, and only at age 22. We look for those who don’t necessarily fit that “security professional” mold, which is a large part of what distinguishes us. As a result, we have a lot of people who can think beyond the typical “well, buy a $100,000 security appliance and you’ll be fine", and with this we're able to provide custom solutions that do the job right.

Simple, Direct Problem-Solving

There’s a lot of noise out there and we strive to be the most direct and honest voice we can be. Over the past 13 years of our existence, we have offered consulting services that naturally progressed into a managed service. Today we are a Managed Security Services Provider that works to protect unique enterprise environments across the United States. Our philosophy is straightforward, we attack each problem in the simplest and most direct manner possible. We don’t have a lot of management overhead here and each person is empowered to solve our client’s problems in the best way they see fit (which is counter to the operations of many of our competitors, and we're okay with that). Our agility and ability to creatively solve problems for our clients is what sets us apart from the rest.

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