Cool App Alert: Shape Up Your Wellness Routine with PwC's Digital Fitness

If you’re struggling to keep up with advancements in technology, check out Heather’s review of the new Digital Fitness app!


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to expand your knowledge on techy topics, a good friend of mine just shared a great app with me that I’d like to share with you: Digital Fitness by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Following a quiz to assess your current digital fitness levels, this app curates articles, videos, and podcasts along with a weekly fitness plan suited to your strengths, weaknesses, and available time each week.

Why I love it

The initial quiz to set up your digital fitness baseline took some time–longer for me because I would get distracted and have to come back to it–but once I got through that initial setup, I was quickly impressed with what this app offers.

Time-conscious articles

One of the hardest parts of keeping up with the evolution of technology is having the time to keep up with the evolution of technology. Digital Fitness makes that easy–most of the articles are 2-3 minute reads, and you select during your setup how much time you have available to dedicate to the app. The fitness plan I selected has me reading just over 20 minutes of content each week.

Granted, this leaves the content fairly introductory, but if you’re looking to get a feel for what’s out there before diving into more detailed research, these articles will definitely help get you started.


Digital Fitness evaluates your technology use through four categories: Behavior, Mindset, Relationships, and Skills. Then, it selects articles in each category based on your initial quiz results. The more articles you complete, the higher you can bring your score.

Range of topics and sources

With articles from sources like TED Talks, MIT Technology Review, and Forbes, and a content range including topics like cryptocurrency, autonomous vehicles, and AI, Digital Fitness curates an impressively well-rounded collection.

Final word

I’ve enjoyed stealing a few minutes here and there to learn new things in the digital realm. Approaching learning like we approach physical fitness has helped me keep my drive and appetite levels up for acquiring new information. You should be sure to check them out!

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