Discover your vulnerabilities before the hackers do

Control your risk by correlating vulnerabilities for extensive visibility and proactive reinforcement across your entire threat surface. Penetration testing with Hurricane Labs lets you uncover the critical weaknesses that exist among your most valuable technologies, processes, and people.

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Why should your enterprise invest in penetration testing?

It’s important to know what you’re up against. Whether it’s kids, bots, or criminals it’s better for you to find the vulnerabilities in your network before these malicious actors do. A penetration test will expose your environment to real-world attacks and exploits. With Hurricane Labs Penetration Testing you will be able to demonstrate the security posture of your infrastructure and gain focused guidance on how to strengthen it.

Benefits of our approach

It’s our priority to have meaningful communication with your team throughout every step of the process. When our pentesters are searching for system weaknesses, such as SQL injection, cross site scripting, and others, we pay close attention to your environment and keep you in the loop about what’s going on. Our goal is to provide actionable insights and the most successful mitigation strategies for your environment.

High-Touch Service

By communicating with you during every step of our testing process, we ensure you and your team are comfortable with what’s taking place.

Manual Attacks

Unlike other third party providers, instead of simply doing a scan, we perform manual exploits and other methods used by real-world hackers.

Actionable Reporting

We’re not going to give you a generic 400 page report and call it a day. Our reports provide in-depth insights and focused recommendations.  

Providing meaningful protection for your most critical assets

Your systems are unique and complex. The methods we use during each engagement are tailored to your specific infrastructure. Our comprehensive penetration testing service is focused on helping you better understand your environment and prioritizing the protection surrounding your crown jewels.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Process Flow

During each step, from the initial scoping to environment status verification, everything is discussed and agreed upon between our team and yours. We begin the process by identifying your goals and objectives for the test. Throughout the rest of the engagement we provide ongoing status reports and transfer critical knowledge to your team. Upon test completion, we ensure you understand the discovered vulnerabilities in your environment and include remediation strategies in your detailed report.  

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How can we help?

Our featured penetration testing services include real-world simulated attacks on your internal and external network, wireless networks, and applications.

Talk to us about how our pen testers can help pinpoint your vulnerabilities and provide focused remediation recommendations to improve your security program today.